“New Tales” album 2013


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2013 / Juste Une Trace

The music of New Tales tells the story of a fictional character, a modern vagabond who decides to travel the world and discover it with his own eyes, in all its splendor but also sometimes all its ugliness. OZMA presents a new repertoire that captivates with strength and passion, and opens up new sound horizons, adding voice, keyboard and electronics to its instrumentarium.


1. Awakening (Ozma) 3’00
2. The Launch (Ozma) 5’09
3. Wide and Open (Ozma) 4’40
4. Belouga (Ozma) 5’38
5. The Drive (Ozma) 1’28
6. The Walk (Ozma) 2’53
7. Supertanker (Ozma) 3’16
8. Dark City (Ozma) 5’15
9. Monsters (Ozma) 4’36
10. Rest and Rebirth (Ozma) 3’53
11. The Dance (Ozma) 3’37
12. Tales of Jim (Ozma) 4’25

TOTAL / 48:07


Adrien Dennefeld (guitar, effects, voice)
Stéphane Scharlé (drums, laptop, voice)
Édouard Séro-Guillaume (bass, keyboards, voice)
David Florsch (saxophone, effects, voice)

Produced by OZMA/la Compagnie Tangram

Recorded by Joël Theux | Studio Klein Leberau
Mixed and mastered by Christophe Pulon | Studio Deaf Rock
Artwork by Aksel Boscato

Release date : 27-01-2014