“Peacemaker” album 2011


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2011 / Juste une Trace

An album inspired by OZMA’s travels around the world, evocations of major works and barely veiled claims. A true musical hinge between the past, the present and an uncertain future. The imaginary developed in this 3rd opus takes us through Pop, Rock and Modern Jazz horizons whose thread is the improvisation and spontaneity of young musicians in full maturity.


1. Rain cadenza 4’08
2. Balsam firs 3’32
3. No confort 4’53
4. Pr. Challenger 5’16
5. Tangram 4’14
6. Le chagrin de l’atome 1’58
7. Raspoutine 0’35
8. Livingston 4’17
9. Le voyage de Siddhartha  5’49
10. Dilatation stéréo 6’26
11. Peacemakers  3’50


Adrien Dennefeld (guitar)
Stéphane Scharlé (drums)
Edouard Séro-Guillaume (bass)
David Florsch (saxophone)

Produced by La Compagnie Tangram

Recorded by Vincent Robert | Studio Downtown
Mixed and mastered by Vincent Robert | Studio Pinecone
Artwork by Secondscouteaux
Photos by Christophe Urbain

Release date : 18-11-2011